Doyon Government Group’s (DGG) new logo is an illustration of Alaska’s slogan, “Land of the Midnight Sun”.  It represents Alaska’s pristine landscape, and DGG’s commitment to sustainability and Doyon Limited’s mission to “protect and enhance our land and resources”.
The “Land” is represented by the mighty Sitka Spruce tree – Alaska’s state tree. The Sitka Spruce is the largest of the Spruce trees, growing to over 300 feet and living for 700 years or more. Like DGG, the Sitka Spruce is native to the Pacific Northwest and flourishes in harsh climate conditions.
The Alaskan Native People have strong, deep roots, as does the Sitka Spruce, which support their substantial growth.  The Native Way of Life has survived significant outside pressure and adversity, just as the Sitka has survived deforestation and natural enemies.  The tree serves as a reminder that the Native Way of Life is a sustainable one.
The “Midnight Sun” is composed of two parts: Alaska’s Denali Mountain, depicted in dark blue, and Alaska’s summer Midnight Sky, depicted in light blue.
The logo’s font style is “Sitka,” to acknowledge DGG’s pride and respect in its Alaskan Native ownership. The artwork inside the “D” in Doyon and “C” in Cherokee is of Athabascan design, similar to the “D” and “L” on Doyon Limited’s logo. The colors and design of the artwork represent the Yukon River, which runs through Doyon Limited’s mountainous landscape.
DGG is built on strength, steady growth, diversity, strong roots, and a desire to preserve the land and its resources. The new logo embodies DGG’s mission to remain a financially strong Native Corporation, supporting its customers’ missions while promoting the economic and social well-being of its current and future shareholders, and preserving the Doyon Family heritage and traditions.