Doyon Project Services will be working with NAVFAC Northwest on this project at Naval Magazine (NAVMAG) Indian Island which consists of the demolition of three existing magazines, and the construction of 5 new Type ‘D’ missile magazines, and the construction of one pre-engineered metal storage building.

The new magazines are needed to provide adequate storage for modern missiles and torpedoes currently being stored in deficient and antiquated magazines and holding pads under CNO explosive safety waivers.
Demolition will consist of existing earth-covered magazines, impervious areas from the edge of pavement of adjacent roadways, and the adjacent roadways to enable regrading to ensure adequate storm water drainage for the new magazines. The demolished areas will be graded and stabilized.

The scope of the new Type ‘D’ magazines includes new asphalt drives and maneuvering areas similar to the existing magazines. The Type ‘D’ magazine has 25′ wide doors which are capable of supporting the full length of
the modern missiles carried by a forklift. Additional improvements to support the project include new roads, modification of existing roads, LID stormwater control features, underground water lines, fire hydrants, and underground power lines and incidental related work.