USACE Renovate Welcome Center, DSCR, VA – $1.8M

Doyon Technical Services will be working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District on this 365 calendar day project to renovate the Pass Office within Building 210, Welcome Center. The work includes kiosk services, a multipurpose group check-in and media room, enlarged lobby, repaired vestibule, workspaces, an enlarged private workstation area, break room, latrines, a private office and a Provost marshal/military police office. Work also includes conversion of a portion of the mailroom into pass office area with a one story, fire-separated extension into the existing mailroom. Doyon will also replace existing casework and workstations in the Pass Office, replace lighting with LED fixtures, to include occupancy/vacancy sensors, and reconfigure and replace the fire protection and alarm systems to accommodate the new layout. Telecommunications systems will also be repaired and reconfigured to meet the new layout and base standards.

NOAA Calcasieu Pass Single Pile Instrumentation Pile (SPIP) Repair, Calcasieu Pass, LA – $223K

Doyon Technical Services will be working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) on this 180 calendar-day project to strengthen the National Water Level Observing Network (NWLON) observing capabilities. This work requires investigation, procurement, and construction services for the demo and replacement of the existing boat launch platform, repair of the existing cathodic protection system (including replacement of the existing anode) and miscellaneous coating repairs that will limit future corrosion issues located on the existing Single Pile Instrumentation Platform (SPIP) and include support brackets, clamps, plates, cage ladder, and the upper instrumentation platform, along with the removal and disposal of an existing boat launch platform structure at Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana.

NAVFAC D/B Building 95 Boiler Replacement Naval Station Newport, RI – $703K

Doyon Technical Services will be working with NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic on this 365 calendar-day project to replace the existing heating boilers that service the building steam loops with new natural gas fired steam boilers. Building 95, Officer’s Club, is a two-story structure, including a mezzanine. The 34,975-square foot building was constructed in 1919 and is currently used as a restaurant and dining hall.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Upton Hall HVAC Replacement, Carlisle, PA – $2.9M

Doyon Technical Services was awarded a $2.9M contract to demolish the existing HVAC system and replace it with a new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system serving the basement, two floors of offices and work areas, and the unoccupied attic of the Upton Hall Building, part of the US Army War College. The completed HVAC system will include four separate VRF systems, one for each floor, to maximize energy recovery between spaces with differing solar exposures. Indoor ducted units and cassette units will be served by grade mounted condensing units. Two dedicated outdoor air systems will be installed on grade and will provide the building with room neutral ventilation air. Additionally, a new web based BACnet direct digital control system will be provided for all new mechanical equipment, sensors, and actuators.

USACE Baltimore District Laboratory, Forest Glen, MD – $924K

Doyon Technical Services was awarded a $924K contract to design and renovate an existing laboratory space within the Joint Pathology Center’s Forest Glen Annex to create an enclosed hospital-type clinical lab area that contains a new fume hood, sink, furniture, etc. The area where the renovation will take place is an active laboratory space. Coordination with ongoing operations is essential to avoid noisy, vibration intense activities during construction.  This work will be done afterhours and on weekends.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Building 1724 Renovation, Fort Pickett, VA -$1.8M

Doyon Technical Services was awarded a $1.8M contract to restore, renovate and modernize a military berthing facility, NSWG-2, Building 1724 at Fort Pickett, Virginia. The building is an unoccupied two-story, wooden structure (approximately 5,300 SF). It requires demolition of some existing interior materials and the addition of new plumbing, flooring, doors, electrical, mechanical, and other work to make the building fully operational and code compliant for use as a transient berthing facility for military personnel.

USACE Repair Warehouse 4 Sprinkler System, DLA Richmond, VA – $1.9M

Doyon Technical Services will be working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, to repair the Sprinkler System in Warehouse 4 at DLA, Richmond, VA. This 365 calendar day project requires removal of the existing sprinkler system throughout the building and replacement with a new system meeting UFC and NFPA codes.