NAVFAC Bulkhead Repairs, Naval Station Newport, RI – $10.4M

Doyon Project Services will be working with NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic on this 702-calendar day, $10.4M project to replace three bulkheads at Naval Station Newport. Bulkhead 1 is a designed deadman anchored king system consisting of 30 open-end pipe pile with steel sheet piles. Bulkhead 2 includes a deadman anchored sheet pile wall and sloped riprap revetment section. Bulkhead 3 runs south until the breakwater located at the end of the project limit.

USACE Building 503 Renovation of Sleep Research Center, WRAIR, MD – $2.2M

Doyon Project Services will be working with USACE Mobile District on this 320 calendar-day Design-Build project off of it’s MEDCOM contract to renovate the Sleep Research Center on the 2nd Floor of Building 503 at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Forest Glen Annex, Silver Spring, MD.  The project includes removal, storage and de/re-installation of all equipment, furniture, furnishings, resource protection, information technology, systems and communications to and from the designated transition space and final space for all departments impacted by the construction effort.

IHS Warm Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Warm Springs, OR – $1.4M

Doyon Project Services will be working with the Indian Health Service on this 120 calendar-day project to rehabilitate the Warm Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant by replacing failed process equipment for the headworks, aeration basin, air supply, clarification basin, ultraviolet disinfection (UV) treatment, and monitoring equipment. The project will restore operation of the facility in order to meet the treatment requirements under the Tribe’s discharge permit.

NAVFAC Dry Dock #8 Replace Pumpwell Thimble Plate, Norfolk Naval Station, Portsmouth, VA – $1M

Doyon Project Services will be working with NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic on this 194 calendar-day project at Norfolk Naval Station to remove six steel thimble plates over water pump chamber openings and install concrete plugs over the openings to permanently seal them.

USACE Naval Research Laboratory Electrical Upgrades, Washington D.C. – $10.2M

Doyon Project Services is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District on this $10.2M, 545-calendar-day project to upgrade the Naval Research Laboratory Electrical System in Washington D.C. including demolition of the existing and and providing new transformers, upgrading switchboards and switchgear, and associated equipment for an operational electrical system. The existing transformers and substation units are older, leaking fluids and require replacement. The switchboards lack the physical breaker space to accommodate the new loads, is beyond its serviceable life, and has several code violations. In some instances, the switchgear is also at or beyond its serviceable life and requires replacement.

NAVFAC Repair Shipyard Electrical Backbone Substation, Naval Base Kitsap, WA – $30.8M

Doyon Project Services will be working with NAVFAC Northwest on a project to repair the shipyard electrical backbone substation at Naval Base Kitsap, Puget Sound Naval Station, Bremerton, WA. This project includes removal and disposal of select electrical components; repairing electrical cabling and distribution lines; repairing the switching and routing equipment; repairing substation components including: electrical boards, circuit breakers, tie breakers, conductors, cabling, terminations, grounds transformers, motor operators and repair of the supervisory control and data acquisition system.

NAVFAC Undersea Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Keyport, WA – $20.9M

Doyon Project Services will be working with NAVFAC Northwest on project P-386 for the construction of an Undersea Vehicle Maintenance Facility at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division in Keyport, WA. This project creates a single-story high-bay maintenance facility on a shallow foundation with a sloped roofing system. The facility will include information systems, infrastructure for built in cranes and fire protection systems. The project also includes parts storage, explosive service lockers, maintenance areas, and personnel support spaces.