NPS Admin Building Renovation, Bighorn Canyon, MT – $3.4M

Doyon Management Services has been awarded this renovation project for the National Park Service Intermountain Region for a comprehensive effort to modernize and maintain the NPS Administration Building in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, MT. Spanning 578 calendar days, the project aims to create a shared modern workplace for both NPS and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation staff. It addresses a wide range of improvements from foundational repairs to compliance with accessibility and energy efficiency standards. The scope of work is extensive, covering:

  • Foundation repairs to ensure structural integrity.
  • Exterior enclosures to protect against the elements.
  • Roofing to prevent water damage and improve insulation.
  • Interior construction and finishes to update the workspace.
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection systems to enhance safety and comfort.
  • Electrical systems upgrade for better efficiency and reliability.
  • Site preparation to accommodate the renovations.

This project aligns with Doyon Management Services’ track record of working on government contracts and providing a range of construction services, including repair, rehabilitation, and renovations. It’s a significant undertaking that will improve the functionality and sustainability of the facility.

MICC Fort Drum, NY Design-Build 8(a) MATOC – $150M

Awarded in June 2023, Doyon Management Services will be working with MICC Fort Drum, NY on this 8(a), 5-year, $150M, Design-Build, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC). This contract will encompass a wide variety of individual construction and repair task and trades. Work is to include but not limited to carpentry, road repair, roofing, excavation, interior and exterior electrical, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, sheet metal work, painting, demolition, concrete masonry, welding, emergency repairs, water lines and gas line construction and repair. Work will also include all Contractor planning, programming, administration, and management necessary to provide all repair or construction and related services as specified.


Awarded in September 2023, Doyon Management Services will be working with USACE Baltimore on this 5-year, $499M, Design-Build/Design-Bid-Build, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC). The scope of this contract will encompass Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build renovation and new construction projects. It may also include a broad variety of minor repair, modification, rehabilitation and/or alterations of existing buildings. The salient characteristics of these projects include Vertical construction, full complement of construction disciplines to include foundation, infrastructure, site utilities, superstructure, building systems; features of work include interior/exterior mechanical/electrical / fire protection /HVAC/architectural finishes/ concrete/ plumbing / carpentry/ roofing. It may also include, but not be limited to demolition, geo-technical investigation, infrastructure projects, interior fit-up, communications, security, and force protection (AT/FP) projects.


Awarded in September 2023, Doyon Management Services will be working with USACE Baltimore on this 5-year, $499M, Design-Build/Design-Bid-Build, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC). This MACC will encompass a wide range of DB and DBB projects that include, but are not limited to, new construction, demolition, repair, alteration, and renovation of buildings systems and infrastructure. Types of facilities may include, but not limited to, administrative, industrial, maintenance, warehouses, communications, personnel support, recreation, lodging, medical, training, ranges, airfields, hangers, roads, etc. Lead or asbestos abatement may be required. Work in explosive facilities may be required.

USCG Demo Women’s Bay Wharf, Base Kodiak, AK – $8.7M

Doyon Management Services is working with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) in Kodiak, Alaska on a 497-calendar day project to demolish the remains of two structures in Inner Women’s Bay at Base Kodiak:

  1. Marginal Wharf: The remnants of the Marginal Wharf will be removed.
  2. Power Plant Saltwater Intake: The remains of the power plant saltwater intake will also be demolished.

This project aims to enhance safety, aesthetics, and operational efficiency in the specified area.

NAVFAC B162 Water Intrusion and Structural Repairs NAS Paxutent River, MD – $1.3M

Doyon Management Services is collaborating with the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), Mid-Atlantic, on a 270-calendar day project to address several critical aspects at the specified location:

  1. Steel Plate Roof Deck Replacement: The existing steel plate roof deck system will be replaced.
  2. Drainage System Addition: A new drainage system will be installed around the roof to mitigate chronic water leakage into Building B162 through the roof and foundation walls.
  3. Structural Concrete Rehabilitation: The project includes rehabilitation of structural concrete.

This comprehensive effort aims to enhance the building’s integrity, functionality, and resilience. 

IHS Siletz Lift Station Replacement, Lincoln County, OR – $650K

Doyon Management Services is working with the Indian Health Service (IHS) on a 270-calendar day project at the Siletz location in Lincoln County, Oregon. The project scope includes several critical tasks:

  1. New Suction Lift Station Installation: A new suction lift station will be installed.
  2. Associated Equipment: The project involves setting up associated equipment for the lift station.
  3. Demolition: The existing infrastructure will be demolished.
  4. New Force Main: A new force main will be installed.
  5. Standby Generator Replacement: The existing standby generator will be replaced.

This project aims to enhance the infrastructure and operational efficiency at the Siletz location.

NAVFAC Bldg. 3259 Pharmacy Renovations Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA – $7.4M

Doyon Management Services is collaborating with the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), Washington, on a 334-calendar day project to renovate building 3259 at the Naval Health Clinic Quantico Pharmacy. The comprehensive scope of work includes:

  1. Chiller Plant Replacement: The existing chiller plant will be removed, and a new chiller plant will be provided.
  2. Temporary HVAC: During the renovation, temporary HVAC systems will be installed.
  3. TAB and DALT: Testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) and data acquisition and logging (DALT) services will be performed.
  4. Full Pharmacy Renovation:
    • Re-Partitioning: The layout will be reconfigured to optimize space utilization.
    • Finishes and Ceilings: Upgrades to finishes and ceilings will enhance aesthetics and functionality.
    • Drive-Thru Window: A drive-thru window will be incorporated for convenience.
    • Mechanical and Electrical Systems: The HVAC, electrical, fire suppression, and fire alarm systems will be upgraded.
    • Security and Telecommunications: Enhanced security and telecommunications infrastructure will be implemented.
    • Plumbing Systems: Plumbing systems will be modernized.

This project aims to improve the functionality, safety, and efficiency of the Naval Health Clinic Quantico Pharmacy.

USACE D/B INSCOM Fit-Out Phase II, Fort Belvoir, VA – $1.0M

Doyon Technical Services is collaborating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District, on a 180-calendar day project to design, procure, and install architectural signage and artwork. The objective is to enhance the aesthetics of the space by transforming plain walls into meaningful visual representations.

Here are the key details:

  1. Scope of Work:
    • Architectural Signage: The project involves creating and installing signage that aligns with the facility’s purpose and mission.
    • Artwork Development: The contractor will develop custom artwork for the walls, specifically focusing on describing INSCOM’s mission.
    • Collaboration: The Command Historian will collaborate with Doyon’s designer to ensure the artwork accurately reflects INSCOM’s historical significance and purpose.
  2. Purpose:
    • The goal is to create an engaging and informative environment within the facility.
    • The artwork will serve as a visual representation of INSCOM’s mission, values, and contributions.

This project aims to combine functionality with aesthetics, enhancing the overall experience for those within the facility. 

USACE DBB Munition Operating Location Facility Hill AFB, UT – $12.7M

Doyon Technical Services collaborated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Sacramento District, on a 548-calendar day project to construct a single-story munitions maintenance and administration facility spanning approximately 18,562 square feet. The scope of work encompasses several critical components:

  1. Demolition: An existing ammunition storage bunker will be demolished to clear the site for the new facility.
  2. Construction: The new facility will combine a medium-height maintenance bay to support the handling, inspection, and build-up of munitions, along with an administrative core for logistics and production.
  3. Facility Details:
    • Structure: The facility will be constructed with reinforced concrete footings, foundation, floor slab, and a structural steel frame.
    • Interior Spaces: It will include private and shared offices, a conference room, break room, restrooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms/shower areas, a tool room, and storage for weapons maintenance.
    • Maintenance Bay: A maintenance bay will be built to support a ten-ton overhead bridge crane.
    • Safety and Utilities: The project includes lightning protection, fire detection/suppression, intrusion detection, and all necessary supporting facilities.
    • Design Considerations: The design and construction will adhere to DoD Antiterrorism Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements, comply with Hill AFB Architectural Compatibility Standards, and meet Facility Design Standards.

This project aims to enhance munitions operations and ensure mission readiness at Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) in Utah.