FEMA Region 10 Federal Regional Center Loading Dock Enclosure Installation, Bothell, WA – $194K

Doyon Technical Services was awarded a $194K contract by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 to design-build a loading dock enclosure for the FEMA Federal Regional Center in Bothell, Washington. DTS is providing the labor, parts and materials for the design and construction of a secure and weather resistant enclosure, including non-insulated corrugated metal panels to match the existing building exterior, new insultation panels on the existing metal ceiling, framework, and structural elements to support new panels and equipment, and two personnel doors with panic bar and lockset hardware. The project also includes the installation of a 10’ x 10’ motorized roll up door at the existing loading zone, extensive HVAC and electrical hardware, and lighted emergency egress signage — all as required by code.