USACE D/B INSCOM Fit-Out Phase II, Fort Belvoir, VA – $1.0M

Doyon Technical Services is collaborating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District, on a 180-calendar day project to design, procure, and install architectural signage and artwork. The objective is to enhance the aesthetics of the space by transforming plain walls into meaningful visual representations.

Here are the key details:

  1. Scope of Work:
    • Architectural Signage: The project involves creating and installing signage that aligns with the facility’s purpose and mission.
    • Artwork Development: The contractor will develop custom artwork for the walls, specifically focusing on describing INSCOM’s mission.
    • Collaboration: The Command Historian will collaborate with Doyon’s designer to ensure the artwork accurately reflects INSCOM’s historical significance and purpose.
  2. Purpose:
    • The goal is to create an engaging and informative environment within the facility.
    • The artwork will serve as a visual representation of INSCOM’s mission, values, and contributions.

This project aims to combine functionality with aesthetics, enhancing the overall experience for those within the facility.