Doyon Technical Services was awarded a $762K contract to remove then design and construct the replacement of the existing Dauphin Island National Water Level Observing Network (NWLON) station and its components, operated by the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services. The existing structure is a timber platform supported by timber piles at the entrance to Mobile Bay along the eastern coast of Dauphin Island. It is in poor condition and a growing concern for safe maintenance and continued station operations.

The structure is part of the NWLON network of approximately 210 long-term water level measurement stations around the US coastline and in the Great Lakes. The data from this network, called “Sentinels of the Coast,” is used to provide a series of water level, meteorological and coastal currents information to the public, critical during severe weather events such as hurricanes.

Doyon is providing all supporting engineering services, materials, and construction for the project.