USFW Multi-Bldg Roof Project, Estacada, OR – $523K

Doyon Management Services collaborated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on a project to replace the roofs of seven buildings at the Ripplebrook location within the Timberlake Job Corps Center Civilian Conservation Center.

USCG MSD Office Space DDC and Concrete Repairs, Kodiak, AK – $118K

Doyon Management Services collaborated with the U.S. Coast Guard on a 30-day project to install an IP panel in the boiler room. This panel facilitated control over the main circulation pump and the boilers.

IHS Sprinkler System, HVAC, and Comm Cabling, Peach Springs, AZ – $2.9M

Doyon Management Services is embarking on a 365-day project in collaboration with the Indian Health Service (IHS) to renovate the Peach Springs Health Clinic located in Peach Springs, AZ. The existing dry-type fire suppression system has suffered irreparable damage and is no longer operational. As part of the comprehensive renovation, the existing fire suppression system will be completely replaced with a code-compliant wet-pipe sprinkler system, complete with new thermal insulation. Additionally, the project scope includes the installation of replacement packaged rooftop HVAC units, a temporary dental clinic trailer, new flooring for the dental clinic, and the establishment of a communication backbone cabling. Please note that this project aims to enhance the safety and functionality of the health clinic, ensuring better services for the community.

NAVFAC Building 1029, Roof Replacement PNBC, PA – $4.2M

Doyon Management Services will collaborate with NAVFAC Pennsylvania on this 360 calendar day project. The scope of work involves:

  • Removing the existing roofing from Building 1029.
  • Providing additional insulation and installing metal roofing.
  • Detaching and temporarily supporting existing gutters in place along the low roof edges.
  • Reinstalling gutters.
  • Providing steel framing and a roof hatch.
  • Undertaking any other incidental work required for the project.

This endeavor represents an important contribution to maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure within the Pennsylvania area of responsibility.

USAF Comm. Cabling Project, Malmstrom AFB, MT – $504K

Doyon Management Services (DMS), a minority-owned 8(a) small business and a wholly owned subsidiary of Doyon Government Group (DGG), headquartered in Federal Way, WA, is actively involved in various construction projects with government agencies. Their expertise spans Design-Build, new construction, and renovation/repair solutions. Let’s delve into the details of their recent project at Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) in Montana:

  • Project Description: DMS will collaborate with the U.S. Air Force at Malmstrom AFB on a 165-calendar day project. The objective is to furnish, install, and test armored single-mode fiber optic cable (FOC). This upgrade aims to enhance the fiber optic cable connectivity between two buildings at Malmstrom AFB.
  • Contract Type: The project falls under a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), which provides flexibility for executing various tasks within the specified scope.
  • Duration: The project is expected to span 165 calendar days.

This initiative demonstrates DMS’s commitment to delivering high-quality construction services and contributing to the improvement of critical infrastructure. 

USCG Repair Water Shore-Ties & Heat Trace, USCG Base Boston, MA – $1.0M

Doyon Management Services collaborated with the US Coast Guard on a 150-day project. The scope of work included:

  1. Pressure testing and repairs on water pipes for water shore ties at Piers 1A, 1B, and Pier 3B.
  2. Replacement of associated heat trace cabling.
  3. Removal of three (3) water shore tie stations on Wharfs 1 & 2.
  4. Replacement of damaged pipe hangers.

This project aimed to enhance the functionality and reliability of the water infrastructure. 

USACE Building & Garage Roof Replacement, MCRC Wilmington DE – $2.1M

Doyon Technical Services collaborated with NOAA on a 180-day project. The scope of work involved:

  1. Investigating, procuring, and constructing the removal and replacement of the existing boat launch platform based on plan sheets.
  2. Repairing the existing cathodic protection system.
  3. Performing miscellaneous coating repairs to prevent future corrosion issues on the existing SPIP (Structural Platform in Place).
  4. Including support brackets, clamps, plates, a cage ladder, and the upper instrumentation platform.

This project aimed to enhance the functionality and longevity of the existing infrastructure.

NAVFAC NW Design-Build 8(a) MACC – $400M

Awarded in August 2023, Doyon Management Services is working with NAVFAC Northwest on this 8-year, $400M, Design-Build, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC). Task Orders will be between $100K and $5M.

Work will be performed at various installations and facilities serviced by NAVFAC Northwest and located within the NAVFAC Northwest area of responsibility, primarily in Washington and including but not limited to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

The planned contract consists of Design/Build work for new construction, renovation, alteration, demolition, and repair. Work may include, but is not limited to administrative and industrial facilities, housing renovation, childcare centers, lodges, recreation/fitness centers, retail complexes, warehouses, housing offices, community centers, commercial and institutional buildings, manufacturing and industrial buildings and other similar facilities.

NAVFAC Land Based Engineers Sites Demolition Package, Philadelphia Navy Yard Annex, PA – $6.1M

Doyon Management Services will be working with NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic PWD Pennsylvania on this 280 calendar day on this $6.1M project to partially demolish existing components and systems in Building 77H in preparation for a future repair project by others, and other incidental related work.

FHWA Tanana River Recreation Area Improvements, Fairbanks, AK – $8.6M

Doyon Management Services will be working with the Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands Highway Division on this 558-calendar-day project to improve access to the Tanana Lake Recreation Area (TLRA) and to federally-managed lands along the Tanana River. Work will end by Fall of 2024. The scope of work includes:
• The project will begin at the South Lathrop Street and Sanduri Avenue intersection where an existing at-grade road/rail crossing will be replaced.
• Reconstructing South Lathrop Street to the Tanana flood control levee with a 32-foot-wide, paved driving surface.
• Extending South Lathrop Street approx. 1,700-feet beyond the Tanana flood control levee with a new 32-foot-wide, paved driving surface.
• Extending Northlake Lane approx. 500-feet to a new 4-way intersection with the new South Lathrop Street extension.
• Parking lot resurfacing and expansion of the Swim Beach Parking Lot, paving of the Motorized Boat Launch and Non-Motorized Boat Launch, new restroom installation, and 1500’ of ADA compliant pathway.
• Vehicle plug-in installation at the Motorized Boat Launch and Non-Motorized Boat Launch.